The Angel Whisperer By Kyle Gray

by JulieSouthgate on October 1, 2013

The Angel WhispererA beautifully written book by Kyle Gray, giving a very clear and detailed insight into his great communications with Angels. Kyle explains that since the age of four he has been aware of the presence of Angels and he tells his story beautifully, painting a fantastic picture of how he got to where he is today at the young age of 25.

The main thing that I love about this book is the ease in which Kyle is able to communicate with Angels – as clearly and easily as we have conversations in our every day lives. Kyle also offers guidance on how to tune in, increase self-love, cut energetic cords, find your life purpose, ask for signs and  heal issues with a parent to name but a few.

As much as I enjoyed reading this book it was the very last chapter ‘Love and Abundance’ that truly resonated with me and inspired me to include a review of the book here. During this chapter, Kyle really encourages you to think for yourself in any given situation and to always remember that you have free will. If you go to a medium or for a card reading and you are given guidance to your future, you ALWAYS have free will to change the outcome of that reading. It does not make that reading wrong, it just means that you have used your free will to change the direction and therefore the course of events. I cannot stress this enough! This chapter offers an abundance of AWARENESS to make you think and tune in to what may have never crossed your mind before. We create our own future.

As an energy worker I can see and have also experienced how our thoughts create our reality. When somebody says Hello to you and asks you how you are, how do you answer? Think about it for a moment or be aware of it next time somebody asks you and see how you respond. I always make a point of being positive in my reply as this is the message being sent out to the universe, therefore attracting more of the same.

The positive view – Page 231. – “When you are low and are drawn in by negativity, you attract it more. So, if you recognise when you feel that way, you can seize the opportunity to change it. By consciously becoming positive and releasing your fears and worries through crying, voicing your opinion and being assertive, you create space for positivity. Then, when you emit a positive frequency through your feelings, you attract more positive frequencies into your life, through abundance, a loving relationship, good health and a fulfilling career.”

We live in a negative world sometimes and I remember a time when it felt easier to fall into the negative response and it felt like ‘hard work’ to be positive all the time. This is just part of conditioning and can be re-trained. I think it was about 7 years ago that I really wanted to change this perception so I enrolled myself onto a ‘Positive Thinking’ workshop which ran on 2 consecutive Sundays. Through affirmations, songs and small tasks we were gradually taught how to shift our thinking from negative to positive. For a while, it did still seem like an effort, to always be conscious of your thoughts, words and actions but gradually the brain can be trained into a new way of thinking. You are in charge of your thoughts, no-one else!

Nowadays, I find it much more natural to look on the bright side of life (I know a song about that!) It feels so much lighter to be positive and now anything negative is definitely much more hard work! But as I said, it took some time, patience and inner work to switch that conditioned thought pattern. If you want to change anything about yourself you have to be commited in doing the inner work and I can help you with that. There is no magic wand I’m afraid and once you commit to making those changes you begin a fantastic new journey with wonderful opportunities ahead of you.

As a result, my life does run more smoothly. I have heightened awareness in every given moment. I choose to respond rather than react. Pausing for thought before actions or words can really change an outcome. Are disagreements and battles really necessary to sort things out? Does there really have to be a drama? The negative way seems much more like hard work to me now.

I love this following paragraph…..The Universal Laws – Page 234. “There are some laws you will already be aware of, such as karma – expressed in the old phrase ‘What goes around comes around.’ According to this law, whatever you put out to the world can  be brought back to you. So, if you are consistently moaning and groaning, whining that everything is wrong and that your life is rubbish, karma will keep bringing that back around to you and you’ll find that the world is exactly what you keep saying it is. Think first!”

As Doreen Virtue states..”You are the director of your own life movie. You can steer your life in whichever direction you choose.”

Kyle explains more about the Law of Attraction, the Law of Manifestation, Affirmations and also helps you to believe what you are thinking or saying. The book concludes with advice on the Path to Happiness, Letting Go, Forgiveness and Self-Love. I cannot recommend this book enough. If you believe in Angels, read this book. If you don’t believe in Angels, read this book! I am already reading Kyle’s latest book ‘Angel Prayers’ which is released October 2013. I was very fortunate to meet Kyle at his Evening of Angel Prayers in London in August 2013 and even got a truly fantastic message from Kyle which I am so grateful for. Gratitude is the key! So, happy reading! And please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this subject in the comments box below.

An Evening of Angel Prayers An Evening of Angel Prayers

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Brenda October 1, 2013 at 2:30 pm

How absolutely true this is, I am fortunate enough to have been told this direct to myself by Julie and feel my life is so much more relaxed.


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